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As a resident of Adelaide, you may be looking to add more color to your buildings or to retouch what is already there. Among many things, the South Australian capital is known for its wine, but your home or company can get the vintage touch as well.

A successful painting job rests on the shoulders of the painter. It is, therefore, important to choose only the best to control the palette that will beautify your structures. Here is an all-encompassing 8-item checklist to help you make that decision.

The Credentials of the Painter

The first step is to carry out a background check on the painter you’re considering. You need to ensure that they have the qualifications and experience to deliver a good job.  This requires asking important questions on Google or taking a look at their website. Here are 3 questions to ask while you do your check;

1. Are They Licensed Painters?

There are many painters in Adelaide but those that are licenced should take precedence. This is because a licenced painter has been certified with the skills to deliver quality results and adhere to Australian Standards (AS) 2311.

2. Do the Painters Have Insurance?

An insured painting service is a safer option. You should be looking at painting services that possess liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that you won’t be liable in cases such as property damage, public liability, and injury to painters.

3. How Much Experience Do They Have?

It’s easier to know about the years of experience of painters, but it should be looked at regardless. The most credible painters in Adelaide have a good track record and you can easily find their past works on their website. Reviews (both online and offline) are also a good way to find out more about a painter. Get to know what their past clients say about them and you will feel better.

The Operation of the Painter

Besides what can be said about a painter on a piece of paper or from reviews, you can know good painters by their history, years of establishment, staffing and local reputation. The section below covers the questions you should ask about the services to be rendered:

4. What Services Do They Offer?

Professional painters know their way around a house. For example, Viva Painters offers painting services for several areas such as roofs, walls, floors, interiors, and exteriors of the house. The painters should also know their paints well.

5. Will There Be Safety Measures in Place?

You should be looking to hire a painter who considers all factors including occupational health and safety. Paints can be toxic and get messy. A good painter has safety measures in place for themselves. This includes things like ventilation and protective equipment, proper waste disposal, and sturdy equipment like ladders and scaffolding.

6. How Will the Painter Protect Your Home?

Safety measures don’t end with the painters, they should also transcend to the house being painted. Always ask how the painter plans to protect items such as; furniture, windows, gardens, and other hardware that shouldn’t get paint on them. The painters can achieve this with things like painter’s tape, plastic sheets, and drop cloths but it is important that they provide these answers beforehand.

Other Technicalities

Essential things that painters in Adelaide need to cover have been noted. However, there are still 2 more things you will definitely need to know;

7. What Brands of Paint Will Be Used?

We are in a world where information is easy to obtain, so there’s no question that a quick Google search won’t verify the answer. As mentioned earlier, the painters should know their paints. A professional painter should be able to differentiate between entry-level paints and high-end paints, water-based paints and oil-based paints, and they should be able to tell you which they intend to use.  

8. What Will Be Included in Your Quote?

The financial aspect of things is also important as there are many affordable local painters in Adelaide. You should go with painters who are fully transparent in their financial dealings and also considerate when it comes to what you would be paying for. Realistically, the charges of the painters per time should be fair and the quotation should explain all you are paying for in detail.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to choosing a painter in Adelaide. By following this checklist, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice and hiring a professional who will deliver quality results. Viva painters tick all the boxes and are the go-to name for excellence.

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