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Epoxy coating west Adelaide
Trusted Epoxy coating west Adelaide

Why Choose Epoxy Coating Western Adelaide

Floors are an integral part of all buildings. The build quality of the floor needs to be perfect, especially for commercial and industrial buildings where it would be used in excess. Your property’s floor is not only important for improving safety and productivity but also helps you in achieving your aesthetic goals. Epoxy floor coatings emerge as the perfect solution for increasing a floor’s strength, durability, and appeal.     

Enhanced Protection  With Epoxy Painting

One of the primary functions of an epoxy coating is to protect the concrete beneath it. Epoxy is a sealant that bonds to the top layer of flooring and prevents problems like moisture, chemical spills, grease, stains, and other elements from damaging the floor. A floor with epoxy coating is also less likely to face cracking and crumbling during its intended life.    

Epoxy Durability    

Epoxy coating is a top choice to make any floor more durable from external damage. If you hire a licenced epoxy floor coating contractor to add the protective layer, you can remain worry-free for several decades as the floor will always be in a top-notch condition. Apart from cracking and peeling, you can also minimize the chances of degradation in the appearance of the floor by installing epoxy coating on the floor.    

Epoxy Appearance    

Regardless of the type of building and the preferred theme, epoxy coatings are perfect for all. They come in a variety of options including different colours and textures, allowing you to seamlessly match the modern, classic, or rustic appearance of the building with the flooring.     

Epoxy Safety Features

Slips and falls in a building can lead to grave injuries or property damage. Avoiding such situations is of the utmost importance if you own a commercial property that employees and clients visit regularly. Good flooring with a layer of epoxy coating can help you avoid fatal falls and slips and the subsequent financial compensations.     


Floors that require regular maintenance can cost you a small fortune over years. Epoxy floor coatings make the floor easy to clean, helping you to save time and money on maintenance. Further, this coating prevents bacteria, dirt, and contaminants from sticking to the floor, eliminating the need to use chemical stain removers that can also damage the flooring.    


Epoxy flooring cost is a budget-friendly option when compared to hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc. The installation cost is also minimal because the sealant is directly applied to the surface layer of concrete. In the long run, epoxy coatings turn out to be the perfect choice because of minimal maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.    

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Epoxy Coating

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Epoxy Coating Services

Industry-Specific Epoxy Coating Solutions    

A wide range of industries can benefit from epoxy coated flooring. In addition to our residential and commercial epoxy flooring services, we also offer industry-specific solutions to all types of industries. Since the layer of epoxy coating improves the appearance, durability, and safety of the floor, it helps in improving productivity at workplaces. Here’s how our solutions benefit various industries.    

Pharmaceutical Industry     

It is necessary for the pharmaceutical industry to adhere to the standards of flooring rules and regulations. Pharmaceutical businesses can be fined by legal authorities if they fail to maintain a smooth and easy-to-clean floor at all times. A smooth and regularly cleaned floor is necessary because of the threat of contaminants and pollutants in a pharmaceutical building. Experts recommend an epoxy floor coating as it effectively protects the pharmaceutical industry flooring from dirt and contaminants. 

Automotive Industry     

Epoxy flooring has emerged as an ideal choice for the automotive sector because of the additional shine it provides to the floor. Once installed, it would reflect the ceiling lights and give off a luxurious look that best compliments the vehicles on sale. Further, the additional durability facilitates the frequent shifting of the vehicles and lowers the flooring maintenance expenses. 

Food and Beverage     

Dust and contaminants are the worst enemies of food and beverage facilities as these elements can impact food quality, be it for food production, packaging, or supply. Epoxy flooring installation is the best solution to avoid compromising sanitary standards because such flooring can be easily cleaned regularly. 

Garage floor epoxy painting

Manufacturing Industry     

Manufacturing industry facilities are sites where heavy machinery is frequently used. The transportation, use, and mishandling of such equipment can deal significant damage to the floor of the facility. You can choose epoxy coated flooring to minimise flooring damage and save more on flooring repairs and replacements. 

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Why Choose Viva Painters For Epoxy Floor Coating?     

Viva Painters has been proudly delivering the perfect epoxy coating solution in Western Adelaide by combining expertise, quality, and commitment. We have an experienced team of licenced and insured Western Adelaide painters that provides the best-priced residential, commercial, and industrial painting services. Our aim is to provide top-quality solutions in all our projects to attain maximum customer satisfaction. 


With more than 15 years of experience working with various industries, our licenced painters have gained proficiency in providing the best solutions according to your unique requirements. Viva Painters offers effective and long-lasting solutions to all, regardless of whether you want an epoxy coating for a small or large property. 

Customised Solutions     

We understand that every project is completely unique and comes with different obstacles. To tackle this problem, we offer customised epoxy coating services as our skilled experts plan the best possible solution that would protect your flooring for years to come. 

Aesthetic Appeal     

The look and feel of the building matter as much as its structural integrity and durability. At Viva Painters, we value the aesthetic goals and offer the best epoxy coating colours to compliment the appearance of the building.  


A limited budget should never stop you from getting the right epoxy flooring in Western Adelaide. Viva Painters understands and respects every client’s budget and provides the best possible solution accordingly. We always give an estimate prior to the start of each project, ensuring our clients don’t have to deal with any hidden costs later on. 

Sustainable Solutions     

We are well aware of our duty towards the environment and take every step possible to minimise environmental impact. Using minimal material for epoxy floor coating and maximising the use of sustainable epoxy flooring materials are some of the practices we follow in all of our projects. 

Complete Range of Painting Services     

At Viva Painters, customers get a complete range of painting services including exterior, interior, kitchen, wall, and epoxy/concrete painting. Our painting experts always use the latest tools and technologies to provide state-of-the-art painting solutions consistently. 

FAQs Epoxy Floor Coating

Viva Painters aims to provide the best satisfaction to all our customers through our painting services. To do this, we provide free quotes on all our projects including epoxy coating installations. Contact us to get a free epoxy flooring cost estimate now!  

Epoxy coating is well known for adding to the durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal of residential, commercial, and industrial floors. The epoxy coating helps homeowners in decreasing the amount spent on the floor’s maintenance and repair, making it a worthy investment.

The material of the epoxy coating, the size of the area, and the condition of the surface are some crucial factors that need to be considered before evaluating the time required for completing an epoxy coating project. Since all the aforementioned factors change with each project, we can only tell about the completion time after a thorough inspection. However, once Viva Painters provides a project completion timeline, we ensure that the project will be completed on time.

Property owners don’t need to do much to maintain the optimum condition of the epoxy coating. A regular cleaning schedule with water and the occasional use of a mild detergent would be sufficient as the epoxy coating would already prevent the accumulation of dust and other particles.

You can directly contact us in case you notice any damage to the epoxy coating. We try our best to prevent causing problems to our customers. Therefore, Viva Painters offers a 5-year workmanship warranty after the epoxy coating installation for additional convenience. Once you contact us for damage repair, our team will address the issue on a priority basis.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor flooring, our epoxy coating solutions deliver additional durability, strength, and shine to all surfaces. We recommend you opt for a UV-resistant epoxy coating for outdoor surfaces. This additional protection is necessary to prevent damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight and other elements.