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Walls Painted by Viva Painters
Walls Painting Viva Painters

Instantly Revive Your Room – Get Your Walls Painted by Viva Painters

Re-painting a room is always an exciting idea. It is the easiest and cheapest way to bring colour to your life and improve your living space. It is like starting a new chapter of your life.

If you looking for professional painters to repaint your walls or re-arrange the theme of your house, you’re at the right place.

Imagine A Wall Paint, We Will Deliver!

At Viva Painters, we provide you with what you imagine. We help your vision come true for your room. Our experienced team provides expert indoor painting services and turns your dreams into reality.

We have been in the industry for over 10 years and have painted over 12,000+ houses. On top of that, we are also a licensed and insured company in Western Adelaide.

Therefore, we know what you need and how to deliver it. We value the input from our customers and make them fall in love with the final results.

You can leave your wall painting to us, and we will ensure you get the desired look.

Western Adelaide’s Choice of Wall Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

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Room Prepping

It is crucial to have a well-laid system before starting wall painting. This is where room prep comes in. We ensure you don’t have to deal with after-paint spills and mess.

We prep the room walls beforehand, including laying out sheets on the floor to keep it safe from paint spills and using masking tape to get smooth and straight lines. Sometimes, we also use a dehumidifier while painting because it allows quick drying.

Paint Testing

We cannot emphasise the importance of paint testing enough. The colour you look at in the store will look different in your home after wall painting. To avoid mishaps, we present various samples for you to use and test at home.

We encourage you to check the paint in different lights, i.e., artificial light like bulbs and natural sunlight. It gives you an idea of what looks good on the walls of your home.

Trims and Cut-ins

Wall painting is time-consuming because there are always trims and cut-ins that need to be dealt with. Painting around these requires patience and attention to detail. But our team of professional painters ensures enough time is given to the process.

We begin our precision work by meticulously painting the trims and cut-ins, carefully outlining door and window frames, room corners, and edges, and delicately edging around switchboards and similar areas for a clean, sharp finish.

We then move to the centre parts of the wall to finish it up. For this reason, we use multiple tools while painting walls, for instance, rollers, brushes of different sizes, masking tape, and so on.

wall painting in Viva painters west Adelaide

Smooth Finish

For a smooth finish, knowing the right painting techniques is crucial. Our professional painters, the best in Western Adelaide, know the dos and don’ts of painting walls.

We take precautions in small things like not slapping the roller onto the wall, working on the undercoat, and cleaning the brush when changing colour. This is what makes us best in the field.

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See Your Wall Painting Inspiration Become a Reality

Painting a wall is super important in setting the outlook of any space, especially if it is your bedroom – where you spend most of your time. Therefore, you should customise it according to your comfort.

Seeing how important it can be for you, we aspire to make your room inspiration a reality through our professional painting skills.

Share your inspiration and ideas with us. We value your input and ideas and would love to help you achieve that.

Choose The Right Type of Paint


Whitewash is a mix of slaked lime and powdered chalk. It is a cheap option if you want to have an all-white interior paint. Its benefit is that it can be used on rough surfaces like brick walls, concrete, drywall, and wood.

Its drawback is that it works more like a layering option than paint. It will make the surface look white, but it will not coat it entirely.


Like a whitewash, matte paint is a good option if you want to add colour and don’t want it to be reflective. It is a cheap option to have. To work with matte paint, you must add at least two coats of paint to cover the area properly. However, you will have to retouch it after every few years.


Eggshell is a low-reflective paint that is commonly used in the dining room and living room. It is similar to matte paint and easy to apply as well. It dries quickly and produces almost no odour. But, to be precocious, do not apply this paint in high-traffic areas like your children’s room or playroom.


Gloss paint a high-quality solvent-based paint that is highly popular for interior painting, including wall painting. Before applying it, make sure to prep the wall by sanding it and removing any imperfections. It is good to apply at least two coats of gloss paint for a fine finish.

Flat Enamel

Flat Enamel, in terms of texture, it is grainy and rough. In terms of functions, it works like matte paint, but flat enamel is long-lasting. It is useful because the stains or spills on it can be easily removed. All you have to do is run a damp cloth, and the stains will come off.

This is the best paint to have if you have children or pets, who are likely to create more mess.


Satin is similar to eggshell paint but has more gloss than it. It is made for areas that require a lot of work, like washing and cleaning. However, be cautious, do not use it on surfaces that already have a grainy texture or have imperfections on the surface. Satin paint will make them stand out.

Hire a Professional Wall Painter with Viva Painters

There are many things that can go wrong when painting walls. From minor issues like paint spilling accidents to major issues like not linking the colour after the wall is painted, the possibilities are endless.

Be strategic about your time and money investment. Hire a professional to paint your walls so that you do not have to redo your paint all over again.

Viva Painters at Western Adelaide protects you from such mishaps.

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FAQs for Wall Painting Western Adelaide

The choice of finish depends on the room and its function. For example, a living room, a common area for relaxation and entertainment, is best suited to matte or satin finishes, which are visually appealing. Conversely, for bathroom walls, a gloss finish is preferable due to its ease of cleaning.

To prep your wall for painting, lightly sand it and clean it off with a light brush. Then, apply primer, if required. That is all you need to prep the walls. Alongside this, make sure to prep your room as well.

It depends on what you want. Generally, people prefer off-white or pastel colours as they are reflective and make the room look wider and brighter.

Generally, a minimum of two coats is good. They ensure that the paint is well covered and enhance the durability of the paint.

It depends on the room. If it is a bathroom, kitchen, children’s room, or playroom, then gloss or semi gloss wash and wear would be best because they are easy to clean. For other rooms, like the bedroom and living room, matte would work best as they are visually appealing.

For acrylic paint, it takes around 1-2 hours to dry. It becomes fully ready to coat in 24 hours. For water-based.

To get an accurate amount of paint, you should measure your room and then use online paint calculators to determine how much paint is required for how many square feet.