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Flawless Commercial Painting with Viva Painters

If you are a commercial business owner who is looking to transform the working space, add a splash of colour, increase the aesthetics of the commercial building, consult on colour theme and scheme for the business. Then commercial painting is the solution for you!

The main purpose of commercial painting is to increase the aesthetics and outlook of commercial buildings like restaurants, hotels, daycare facilities, offices, etc. It is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your commercial property outlook.

At Viva Painters, we care for your needs, demands, and input. We are dedicated to providing the desired results our customers want to see.

Our Commitment: Delivering Exceptional Quality Commercial Painting Services

Viva Painters, being the best in the painting business, provides both interior and exterior commercial painting services. Our work and customer feedback speaks for our credibility. Our trusted clients refer to us as “responsive”, “professional”, “prompt”, and “competitive” in their testimonies.

We aspire to meet your quality standards with the help of our more than two decades of experience. Knowing the ins and outs of commercial painting in Western Adelaide, our painters are trained on how to improve your business space.

Viva Painters offers one-on-one consultations where we discuss any/all queries you may have – from selecting the correct colour theme to painting aftercare.

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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5Yrs Warranty

Fields Of Commercial Painting We Cover

One of the ways to increase your business influx or clientele is to have a building or office that is visually appealing. Naturally, people are attracted to tidy spaces that look good and reflect a brand theme.

If you want to achieve that, commercial painting is your go-to solution. Following are the commercial spaces we cover.

  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Daycare and Child Facility
  • Company and Offices
  • Display Centers
  • Entertainment Facilities

If you want to get the commercial painting done elsewhere, you are free to contact us.

commercial painters in west Adelaide

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Bring a WOW Factor To Your Business with Commercial Painting

Imagine your customers going “Wow” as they enter your business workspace or commercial area. A clean and modern workspace exudes professionalism and high-quality standards.

This increases the perceived brand value making visitors more likely to purchase from you, increasing your revenue and profits.

To bring this “Wow” factor into your business, have Viva Painters on your side for commercial painting services.

We will provide exactly what you want regarding painting schemes and themes. Our team of experts and trained professionals take pride in dedicating their services to the benefit of our customers.

But, in case you are unsure, we also provide consultations and free quotes that you can avail to get our expert advice.

Hire The Leading Commercial Painting Business

Viva Painters Western Adelaide has been in the painting industry for over 10 years. We are aware of the best techniques and practices required in commercial painting.

Hence, invest in improving your business and hire a professional in the field.

Scale Your Business With a New Outlook

Theme and Aesthetic Consultation

A theme is crucial for branding, and branding is key to any business. That means if you want to come off as a professional business owner, you need to have a theme for it.

We understand that sometimes it can be tricky to decide on a theme. That is where we come! Viva Painters at Western Adelaide provides theme and aesthetic consultation that helps you brand your business.

Colour Scheme Consultation

The first step in theme selection is colour selection. For your business to be a brand, there should be some colours associated with it.

A common mistake that small businesses make is they do not consult professionals to set their colour scheme. The result is often an inconsistent use of colours that do not suit the business.

To avoid this, we provide consultations on color schemes as well. In our one-on-one consultation call, we help you not only with painting services but also with how to go about your theme and colour scheme.

Decorative Painting

A major part of commercial painting is to beautify a space and add value to its ambience.

Decorative painting, being part of commercial painting, provides a beautiful and appealing finish to the already-painted surfaces. It can include adding subtle patterns and designs to the paint.

Decorative painting works best for interior commercial painting, especially in reception areas.

Viva Painters provides a list of patterns you can choose from for your decorative commercial painting. You can also have customisable patterns.

Painting Aftercare

We do not just pack our bags and leave after we are done painting. We make sure to provide you with aftercare tips to increase the longevity of your paint.

It includes information related to the type of paint applied, the finish done over that paint, and an overview of the application process. Then, we proceed to provide you with tips on how to extend the life of your paint.

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Here Are Some Options For Commercial Paint Coats

Viva Painters at Western Adelaide provides various types of paint coats for commercial paint. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Oil Based

Paints that are oil-based are best for high-traffic areas, i.e., the areas that are used the most.

For instance, if you want to have your daycare facility painted, then oil-based paint would be perfect for you because it’s stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Dry Fall

Dry fall coating is done through spray painting. It’s called “dry fall” because it is super quick to dry. It is highly durable and increases the longevity of the paint.

This type of pain is usually tough to apply and requires precision work. Our painters are trained in applying dry fall paint, so we can guarantee a smooth paint coating that looks perfect.

Low Emission

Low-emission paints contain less volatile compounds (VOC), which makes this paint eco-friendly.

Plus, it can be used for both interior and exterior paint. It also reduces air pollution because it does not have added toxins released into the air as it is applied.

Direct to Rust

If you want a smooth gloss finish, then a direct-to-rust paint coat is one for you. It is not only corrosion and rust-resistant but also long-lasting. It can be used on metal or other similar surfaces. Viva Painters is an expert in providing a protective coating against rust and corrosion.

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FAQs For Commercial Painting Western Adelaide

There are a lot of benefits of commercial painting. But to quote a few, commercial painting provides protection from corrosion, rusting, and weather conditions. It also enhances the outlook of a business, with improved customer perspective. It also helps in improving the working environment by beautifying the office areas.

It depends on what paint you want to use and how big is the area you want to cover. At Viva Painters, we try to give our customers affordable services. You can contact us to get a specific price quote.

Its main purpose is to increase the aesthetic of a commercial building or office and to beautify a space. For instance, if you visit a restaurant, you expect its walls and ambience to be neat and tidy, which appeals to you and makes you want to make you eat there. In this, commercial painting plays a huge role.

The commercial paint lasts for about 3-5 years. That means you will need a new coat of paint after around four years, which is reasonable for a business. There are a lot of other factors that contribute as well, like sun exposure, weather conditions, usage, and so on.

It depends on what type of paint you are using. If it is oil-based, then it will take about 24 hours. But if it is dry fall, then it will dry more quickly. The drying time does not indicate the durability or longevity of the paint.