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Dulux painting viva painters
Dulux painting viva painters

Expert Accredited Dulux Painter in Western Adelaide – Viva Painters

If you have been curious to know about what type of paint Viva Painters use, then you are in for a treat.

Viva Painters is one of the top accredited Dulux painters in Adelaide. We take pride in partnering with Dulux Paint, the most reliable and top-notch painting company.

Dulux has been in business for over a century, establishing its credibility through its global customer base. We try to do the same at Viva Painters as accredited Dulux painters.

For our expert painting services in Western Adelaide , we use Dulux Paint to make sure our customers get the best outlook on their business or home.

Accredited Dulux Painters Adelaide – Browse, Choose, Apply and Inspire

For all the Dulux painting services in Adelaide, Viva Painters Western Adelaide offers colour consultation and colour testing. For both of these, we use top quality Dulux Paint.

As an accredited Dulux painters for over 25 years, we vouch for the credibility and quality of these paints. But, the most important thing in painting services is that YOU decide which colour and paint finish you want.

That is because we want you to see, choose, and apply paint that you love, which will turn your inspiration into reality. Hence, choose from a range of colours from our trusted partner, Dulux.

Range of Colours with Dulux Painting

Here are a range of colours that you can choose from the most trusted Dulux painter in Western Adelaide . You can also put in special requests for a particular colour.

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Accredited Dulux Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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5Yrs Warranty

Why Choose Accredited Dulux Painters

Dulux Paints have established their reputation to be the most superior quality paints in the market. Their credibility speaks for itself. With such a big and standing reputation, Dulux has become the top choice of any customer. As an Accredited Dulux Painters it is not just another qualification on a paper but a lifelong guarantee to our customer for a quality and professional service. It takes a solid team of professionals to deliver the guarantees. 

Superior Quality Paints

Dulux Paints have established their reputation to be the most superior quality paints in the market. Their credibility speaks for itself. With such a big and standing reputation, Dulux has become the top choice of any customer.

Sky Is The Limit With Color Choices

Dulux Paints offers a huge variety of colours that you can choose from. To make it easier for their customers, Dulux offers different categories to choose from. For instance, you can select on the basis of shades like white shades, blue shades, green shades and so on. You can also select colours based on the product, i.e., if the paint is for the interior, exterior, waterproofing, gloss and so on.

Environmentally Friendly Paints

With the help of innovative solutions, Dulux Paints has developed its paint to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. They reduce the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which is safer to use.

Dulux painting viva painters west adelaide

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Bring Positive Change in Your Home and Business With Accredited Dulux Painters

Viva Painters cares about its customers and provides them with top-notch expert services. We make it possible with the help of Dulux Paint.

Among a variety of services, the following are our top-rated painting services in Western Adelaide.

For all these seven types of painting services, we take pride in saying that we use reliable paints from Dulux.

It protects the painted surfaces, lasts longer, and is eco-friendly. It is an all-in-one package that gives the best value for the money.

Special Offers

Viva Painters Western Adelaide provides its customers with some special offers through our partnership with Dulux Paints. Some of the offers are listed as follows:

Colour Swatches

You can request or order colour swatches of different colours. It provides different shades of the same colour, which is crucial for testing. It helps you decide the exact colours you want to have. You can also get small samples of the selected colours to test them out.

Colour Consultation

A premium service that we provide our customers is colour consultation. We get the team of Dulux Paint onboard. They provide their expert insight on the matter, along with professional advice on which colour suits your house, office, or industry.

Paint Care and Maintenance

One of the most important aspects in enhancing the longevity of paint is aftercare. To make sure that your paint lasts longer, we provide aftercare consultations as well. With the help of Dulux Paint’s expert team, you get to bag tips and tricks on paint aftercare and maintenance.

As Accredited Dulux Painters, We Give You a Story to Tell

Painting your house or a business is always a big step. It is a new change that can be daunting to deal with. But we will stay with you at each step and ease your concerns along the way.

Viva Painters knows that this change can be a way of a new start for some of you. Therefore, we love to give you an inspiring and interesting story to tell.

With our durable and long-lasting paints, we help you bring new colours into your life, be it for your home or business.

Dulux Paints – Paint That Caters To Your Specific Needs

From fence painting to industrial painting, we have all types of paints that cater to your specific needs.

Each area requires a specific paint that enhances the ambience of that place. For instance, for the living area, you should get a paint that is easy to clean and is stain-resistant. As opposed to this, for industrial painting, you should get a paint that is protective and corrosion-resistant.

We have a large variety of paint that is not limited to the following:

Types of Paints


Gloss finish, air dries, and is best for outdoor use


Low sheen with a smooth finish, best for mid-traffic areas like hallways and entryways


Matte finish and best to use in kitchen or bathroom area


Oil-based paint is applied on metal surfaces and prevents water from penetrating metal.


High metallic paint that protects from discolouration and heat


Higher gloss paint that stands for regular cleaning and scrubbing


Protective coating with weatherproofing properties and corrosion resistance

Synthetic Rubber

General coating with high durability, best for pools, roads and other areas.

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FAQs for Accredited Dulux Painter Adelaide

It depends on the type and purpose of the paint you are using. For instance, for industrial painting, the paint is far more durable and lasting than the paint used in residential painting. That is because the purpose and chemicals used in the paint are different. Your choice of the Dulux painter also matters as not all offer a premium quality service, but with Viva Painters you get access to the finest Dulux Painter services in Western Adelaide.

Absolutely. Dulux Paint offers a large variety of paint for various needs. It also includes water-resistant or corrosion-resistant paints as well. Since these types of paints are used for metal surfaces, they are designed in a way that prevents rusting.

The first and foremost tip is paint colour testing. Most people often skip this step, feeling confident in the paint colour they have bought. However, it looks completely different when applied on walls. It is always a good idea to get a small sample and test it on walls before painting. The next thing is prepping floors. When painting a ceiling, it is easier for paint to drip down, which can ruin the floor. Hence, it must be covered with plastic sheets to avoid any more costs.

It varies from type to type. For instance, to paint the windows and doors, it is better to use a medium-sized brush to cover all the nooks and corners. However, for the wall painting, you will need a roller to cover more area and a small paint brush to take care of the corners. Similarly, for cabinets, you will need a sanding paper or a machine before you get to painting so that you have a smooth surface to start with.

Yes, we do. We offer spray paint for fence painting and cabinet painting. It depends on the needs of our customers and what they want to get. Viva Painters try to accommodate all the customers with their specific needs.

Absolutely! We are a legally registered and licensed company and follow all the Australian Standards for Painting. Our team is trained to keep their practices compliant with legal standards and follow environment-friendly practices.

Absolutely! Our teams specialise in all types of painting. With the help of our professional painters, we deliver high-quality services.