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Hi Neighbour,

A quick hello from your local Western Adelaide Painters. The Viva Painters. Over past 10+ years we had pleasure servicing Western Adelaide suburbs with over 12,000+ happy customers. As local Western Adelaide painters we offer complete range of painting services for houses, commercial business and industrial projects.

Our team consist of over 20+ local Western Adelaide painters who are Licenced and insured. We have multiple vans stocked with latest tools and technologies available for your services.

Call us today, your local Western Adelaide painters. You get fast and free quotes within 24hrs, faster job schedule and no delays in communications. For all your painting needs around Western Adelaide suburbs, call us now 08 8246 5489.


Western Adelaide Painters

We offer all types of painting services in Western Adelaide


Interior & Exterior Painters Western Adelaide

Exterior Painting Services

Some say, don’t judge a book by its cover, often times that’s what we always do. We judge a stranger by how he/she is clothed, walks and talks before we get to truly know them.

Therefore, let people judge the exteriors of your building(s) and still see beauty in reflections of your personality. From the roof to even the walls and concrete floors.

Give your house a fresh, modern look, better than it once was by using our exterior painting services in Western Adelaide. Our exterior painting specialists are highly skilled in handling all exterior painting service you need. Subsequently, don’t hesitate to search for painters near me in Western Adelaide or call us today for a free quote to get you started on your exterior painting projects.

We leverage top-notch painting materials that is not only Eco-friendly but also high in quality. In addition, our in-house Painting Western Adelaide are exceedingly qualified accredited Dulux painters – we only utilise the best for you so as not to put your health or the environment at risk.

Concrete Painting

Concrete painting and resurfacing is another specialty service we offer. If you are looking to give your exterior concrete floors or walls a neater and brighter look: maybe a tinted epoxy painting or 2 pack concrete epoxy resin coating can make it more impressive to your visitors or customers then this is for you.

We understand that some epoxy coatings wear off after some time of application to the concrete surfaces hence you will be getting only the best Viva Painting Western Adelaide Exterior Painters assist with your project plus a 5-year warranty should a mishap occur.

However, with our skills, experiences, and high-quality materials we guarantee that you will be well pleased with our outcomes.

Roof Restoration

Are you looking to give your old roof top a new look? At Viva painting our roof painters can help you by washing and spray painting every nook and cranny of your roof. Including fixing of all broken tiles, or colour bond sheets and then painting it your desired choice of colour.

We give your roofs that modern look it deserves, no matter the colour you choose, whether its brown, Grey or black, you can trust it would come out slick and shiny.

Interior Painting Services

Our interior painting services range from kitchen paintings, wall paintings, also painting of your bathroom walls, room walls for all commercial, residential, and industrial services, we’ve got you covered.

Moreover, if you are looking to change the appearance of your aged apartment that you just moved into or to give a fresh grimace to a room for your newborn baby, look no further than us. We serve all Western Adelaide areas and South Australia Wide and you can trust us to deliver beyond your expectations.

Kitchen Painting

It is often said that the best kinds of foods taste delicious because of the love put into it and also because of the demeanor and sight of the kitchen it was made in. Their is no need to break down your kitchen walls, cabinets and all just to start from scratch all over. Instead, give it a refurnished look by hiring your trusted and reliable Painting Professionals in Western Adelaide, Viva Painting today.

You can be rest assured that we will cover up all nook and cranny ensuring you get the best outcome you desire for your kitchen.

Wall Painting

We offer wall painting and decorating services for your interior design needs anywhere in Western Adelaide. When applying our paints, we often ensure to cover up the floors and surrounding surface to avoid creating a mess, hence we deliver a neat painting job Western Adelaide to you.

No matter your needs or ideas for residential, commercial painters Western Adelaide, or industrial companies, you can count on Viva Qualified House Painters Western Adelaide to offer these interior and exterior painting and decorating services to you SA Wide.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to painters near me, by clicking the button below to Get A Free Quote Now!

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Why People Choose Viva Painters Western Adelaide?

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Transparent Pricing

When you request a free quote from Viva Painters, whatever price given to you, would always be the price we stick with till the end. No added charges, or requests no matter what is to happen. Our Professional Painting Adelaide stands for absolute integrity so, be positive.

Delivery is always on time

Whether you are planning to launch your new commercial business and in need of modern painting or planning to move into your new residency in due time, you can count on us to get your small painting jobs Western Adelaide or big ones done before the due date… as we have over 200 professional painters ready to put all hands on deck just for you!

Dulux Accredited Painters

You can count on getting eco-friendly painting Western Adelaide that would leave your property smelling and looking gorgeous. With Dulux paintings and other premium materials, we use, you are guaranteed top-notch results – change your scenery with Viva Painters.

Affordable Painters

This means you do not have to be worried about a price that is over the roof or out of budget for you. And you can be self-confident that you will get premium quality materials and highly-skilled painters for your task.

Free Onsite Inspection

5 Yrs Workmanship Warranty

Should the need arise or be necessary ( which we doubt it would) feel free to call back-on us back concerning any painting service we provided to you and we will get it fixed for you, no extra charges made.

How It Works?

Three Easy Steps Painting Western Adelaide

Get A Quote

Call us now 08 8246 5489 to arrange your free same day quote now. One of our supervisors will attend your property.

Job Confirmation

Accept your quote online or by phone. You get an instant start schedule date and time confirmation email.

Pay After Job is Done

Once the job is done, your dedicated supervisor will walk you through the job. Only once you satisfied with the job we can send invoice.


FAQs Painters Western Adelaide

The time taken by a typical painting project depends on several factors, like, how large the space to be painted is, how complex the project may be and so much more. However, its nothing to be feel uncertain about. Reach out to us today, and request for a free quote according to your requirements, ideas, and vision for your needs and you will also be given a full estimate and timeline of your project.

Here at Viva Painting Western Adelaide, we guarantee to provide only the best according to your requirements and if otherwise, you have every right to not make payment for the work done.

We typically charge from 25 – 45 AUD per hour. However, this also depends on your requirements and the size of your painting project.

Absolutely, we are licensed and insured to provide high-quality painting services to all of SA Wide. There would be no need to be worried as we are trusted by several companies and over 266, 393 pleased clients.

Nothing. All arrangements, including paints, brushes, ladders and all other equipment we use would be provided by Viva Professional Painters and nothing more from you.

Getting started is one of the easiest part as Viva Painting Western Adelaide has over 200 painters ready to provide painting and decorating services to you the same day you contact us. Sounds good? Contact us today on 08 8246 5489 to get a free quote.

Are you wondering how to get in contact with Viva Professional Painters Western Adelaide for your full interior and exterior residential, commercial or, industrial painting services? Follow these incredibly simple steps to get connected to our professional team right away:

  • Get a Free Quote: getting a quote is free, all you have to do is call us on 08 8246 5489 to schedule a free on-site inspection which would be done by our supervisors. You can always get the inspection done same day, depending on your Adelaide area.
  • Booking for Job Confirmed: Once all inspection is done and your quote with your special requirement has being confirmed, you will get a follow up email with your start date and time, all you need to do is confirm it and your dedicated supervisor will take it up from there.
  • Make Payment Only after Job is Completed: Once your painting is fully done, your dedicated supervisor would walk you will the work done and until you are satisfy by it would we mark the job as a completed one. In this moment, if you are unsatisfied with even the slightest thing, do not hesitate to speak up to your job supervisor as your satisfaction is our number #1 priority.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this awesome offer pass you by, get your free quote now by calling 08 8246 5489 now.

Painting Contractors Western Adelaide

Are you frustrated with having your home or workspace look a kind of way; mind-numbing or plain old ordinary and, may have tried doing some DIY painting alone or together with your team but it still doesn’t seem to align with your vision for your space?

Adequately, you are in the right place. Discover the benefits you would stand to enjoy by choosing Viva Painting Western Adelaide Services today:

  • Exterior Paintings Services: Your property exterior can suffer from harsh weather elements if not properly coated or taken care of. So, protect your house or commercial properties from the elements in the environment by using our exterior painting services, for your roof restorations, concrete paintings and so much more. Don’t let lack of time stop you from getting your desired vision for your property exterior achieved.
  • Interior Painting Services: Don’t feel uninspired to work at your home office or even use your kitchen or bathroom due to  how dull the interior of your property looks. Change your space to reflect the visions you have pictured for it. Before and after DIY techniques, we’re still here to serve you – helping you bring your painting Adelaide to reality.
  • Commercial Painting Services: Have you ever been in an office that looks “ancient” or “just there”, with dull colors, and aesthetics, and somehow that just made you feel unmotivated to work? Well, it is a fact that occurs everywhere. Your commercial office leaves a lasting impression on all your prospective clients the minute they walk into your office so, leverage Viva Painting Western Adelaide Specialists to create an awesome and professional workspace that represents and reflects your brand identity.
  • Industrial Painting Services: There’s no painting job that’s too big for Viva 200+ Painting Western Adelaide Specialists. Your industrial painting services are always guaranteed to be top-notch, done with premium painting materials and most of all, cost-effective and affordable according to your requirements.
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