How Much Do House Painters Charge Per Hour in Adelaide?

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The suburbs of Adelaide aren’t known for their housing and real estate deman like Melbourne or Sydney, so it is understandable that there might be many things that the residents are unaware of things such as how much it costs to paint a house.

Adelaide is endowed with professional painting services. However, although the resources are available, it’s best to know what to expect before you call to hire the services of a painter. Here are a few things you need to know about the cost of painting before you make that call to your painter;

What Will You Find in the Quotation of a Painter in Adelaide?

The quotation you will receive from your local painters in Adelaide should include clear, transparent and detailed information of what is expected during the period of painting. At Viva painters your quotes are provided within 24hrs. The quotation includes details such as scope of work, preparation, materials, and labour.

Note: Scope of work is estimated based on entire job not per square meter, with the final prices to be decided as the work goes on. However, it is better to estimate the final price before the work begins. Here is what each step entails;

●    Preparation

There are many pre-painting steps that occur, and they depend on various factors such as; the surface to be painted, the location to be painted, and the type of paint to be used. The cost of preparation will be included in your quotation in clear detail. A few examples of likely preparation activities include screeding, masking, and priming.

●    Materials

The quote will also include the cost of paint and other equipment. Most reputable painting services arrange for the paints themselves. The paint could be quoted per liter or per bucket, with an estimated total attached

●    Labour

The payment for the actual painting will also be included in the quotes and it takes the largest part of it. At Viva Painters we charge labour per day rather hourly. This keeps the pricing simple and affordable.

What is the Average Cost Per Hour for Painting in Adelaide?

Adelaide is a relatively small city in Australia. However, painters still charge within the same range of bigger cities in Australia. Generally, you would get your house painted in Adelaide at an average rate of AUD $30 per hour. Remember that this is an average, and you can still pay as high as AUD $60 in some cases. This is hugely dependent on factors such as;

  • Surfaces: Exterior paintings usually cost more
  • Number of coats: The more coats needed, the higher the rate
  • Experience: Top painters usually charge a higher rate, though Viva painters are very affordable.

What Other Method Painters Use to Charge?

There are other ways that rates can be calculated, and some of them are advised when you will be painting a large-sized area that will take a lot of hours. These other ways include;

●    Cost Per Day

Charging per day is a common metric among painters but eases the cost of long-hour jobs. Remember you can always ask for the estimated hours the painting would take each day before you decide which would be better.

●    Cost Per Room

You can keep it simple and make the cost location-based. This works well when you are painting a lot of rooms. It removes the unpredictable time factor and lets you know your total immediately.

●    Cost Per Square Meter

Painters charge per square foot to narrow down calculations. It is also a fair metric as it is very objective. Usually cost per square meter is used for newly build houses.

Hiring Affordable Painters

A typical painting process involves you getting a quote that will include payment for preparation, materials to be used, and a breakdown of the labor workmanship. The process is usually the same but applied differently by different painters.

At Viva Painters, we pride ourselves on our affordable and transparent approach to pricing, estimated prices are given upfront with all costs clearly outlined in our easy-to-understand quotes.

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