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Roof Painting west Adelaide
Trusted Roof Painting West Adelaide

Why Choose Roof Painting Western Adelaide

Tired of roof fading, and want to enhance the appeal of your roofs!? Viva Painters Western Adelaide provides tailor-made roof painting services to commercial and residential clients throughout Western Adelaide suburbs. Our trained painters provide full roof cleaning and painting services using the latest tools, equipment, and products of the industry, to meet the specific needs of the clients. Our roof painting Western Adelaide team works on each aspect of the roof painting process, ranging from the choice of product and colour, to the final clean-up.  

Your roof is one of the most visible parts of your premises, but it is always exposed to elements, and hence prone to harm. Australian sun can have an adverse effect on your roof over time, and cause it to fade away quickly than expected. It can gather dirt and mould, and cracks can develop due to temperature variations, and penetrate your house. Roof coating paint can address these issues with your roof and painting. However, it is much more than just buying a tin of paint or coat, a few paint rollers, and sprucing up your existing roof. Your roof works hard each day, fighting elements, and shows signs of wear and tear. As such, it needs to be maintained at all times to keep the roof in its top-notch shape. However, don’t consider it as a DIY job as you may not be aware of the right ways of applying coat and paint for your roof, and the right tools, equipment, and other materials required for this purpose.   

Roof Painters Western Adelaide

The right kind of roof painting services and roof coating paint will add many more years to the life of your roof, and also increase your property’s life. Our professional roof painting services, we have the knowledge, experience, and specialised skills to assess your roof’s existing condition, and provide the right solution that will work best for your home. They understand the nuances of roof painting and roof coating job, and ensure high quality and long-lasting results for your home and commercial property.    

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Roof Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Roof Painters

Our roof painting and coating process  

  • Before beginning the painting process, our roof painters Western Adelaide will prepare your roof surface, taking care of any minor maintenance issues.  
    We even treat the surface with a rust converter solution to prevent further corrosion to your roof.  
  • The roof will be pressure-cleaned to remove dirt and other sediments, and primer applied before using roof coating paint.  
  • Primer acts as a sealer, and undercoat for the rest of rest of roof coating paint. It also fills and seals pitted roof tiles of concrete, and provides a suitable surface for effective topcoat adhesion.  
  • Our roof painters Western Adelaide will mask up all your solar panels, skylines, and gables, to protect them from overspray.   
  • We will also consult your neighbours if required to ensure that there is no risk of overspray on their property.   
  • Areas such as flashings, barge caps, and under flyover roofs are painted by hand by our trained roof painters Adelaide.  

Roof Painting Cost

By combining the right quality roof coating paint with accepted application techniques and surface preparation, our roof painting service can effectively reduce your roof painting cost and maintenance, as you may not need the next coat for more than a decade.    

Roof Painters Viva painters west adelaide

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Roof Painting Projects

Western Adelaide‘s biggest and leading painters. Over 12,000+ projects completed since 2012.

Our roof painting services are available for:    

  • All metal roof types  
  • Concrete tiles  
  • Terracotta tiles  
  • Anti-corrosion performance  
  • Enhanced thermal performance    
  • Choosing the colour   

At Viva Painters Western Adelaide, you will surely find a paint and coat colour that complements the aesthetics of your property. You can choose either a gloss or satin finish.    

Handy tips by Viva Painters Western Adelaide 

  • Lighter shades will keep your property cooler during hotter Adelaide months. 
    Consider the colour of homes in your neighbourhood and surroundings, as you may not want your roof colour to be out of sync with other houses in your area.  
  • For hot climates in Australia, tiles of light colour can be more energy-efficient as these reflect more sunlight and heat. 
  • Choose reflective painting to create a cooler roof   
  • Choose a colour that you will be happy with for many years to come.   
  • Affordable and competitively priced services   

Having worked in roof painting and coating services for years, we have developed strong relationships with stakeholders and product manufacturers. So, our roof painters in Western Adelaide are able to provide you with the finest roof coating paints and other products that are affordable and competitively priced. We make use of specially formulated paints and coats to achieve outstanding results for each specific application, and minimise roof painting costs for you.      

Key benefits of our roof coating paint:    

  • Excellent UV protection 
  • Reflective coating helps reduce roof painting costs  
  • Roof coating paint is designed for lasting shine in the harsh Australian climate  
  • Non-toxic, water-based roof paints  
  • Roof painting Adelaide service for both tiled and metalled roofs  
  • The overall look and street appeal of your home are increased  
  • Quality workmanship and efficient painting services   
  • Safety protocols that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries  
  • Liability insurance to cover damages    
  • Better options for home improvement projects   

Helping you choose the right products for your roof

Choosing the correct primer, paint, coat, colour, and tools will have a significant impact on any roof’s performance, and the overall roof painting costs. That’s why, our roof painters Western Adelaide follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparation, temperature, and roof drying times for all types of paints and coats, to ensure that you get the best results for your investment in roof maintenance. Our range of products includes:    

  • Acrylic coatings  
  • Metal roof paints  
  • Primers  
  • Sealants  
  • Roof tile paint 
  • Heat reflective paint  
  • Undercoats, and more    

Choose from an extensive range of paint colour profiles   

We offer all colourband products and profiles, so you will have a professionally-finished roof painting work, that is perfect in all respects. Our roof coating paints and coats meet high Australian living standards, and are tested in laboratories to show no signs of deterioration. Our roofing paint products remain vibrant for years, thanks to the use of advanced cross-linking technology that resists dust and dirt, and keeps your roof looking like new for years.    

As a locally-owned and operated roof painting Western Adelaide business, we are dedicated to providing top-notch services to residents, businesses, and industries in Western Adelaide and its suburbs. Our clients know us for our unwavering commitment to quality, as we take a bespoke approach to every client’s project. You can count on our on-budget, on-time delivery of quality roof painting and coating services.     

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Someone in your household should be present when our roof painting service supervisor visit your home. This is because our estimators need to climb onto your roofs to provide you with an accurate quote. We may also need to view the property internally to record any roof leaks and ceiling stains. This will not only keep you fully apprised of the situation but also alleviate the concerns of neighbours.   

Our products use more solids in their formulations. This results in thicker paints and coats, that provide better coverage and durability, saving you time and providing a glossier finish. This also lowers your overall roof painting costs.      

Our estimators will visit your premises, and provide you a quote based on your job requirements. Once the quote is agreed upon, you will be provided with dates and estimated time of completion after consultation with you. Of course, you can always ring up our customer care in between to talk more about roof painting Adelaide services.     

A cool roof is minimally heated by the sun, however, there are varying levels of cooling. For example, the afternoon surface temperature of a cool roof is higher than that of a bright white roof but lower than the standard red roof. A cool roof not only benefits occupants but also the community, as it helps in slowing down global warming through a process known as global cooling.     

We want to give you a great experience with our roof painting services in Adelaide. So, we will clean up after ourselves, including any solar panels, furniture, etc. We take with us all paint tins, paint brushes, paint residue, packaging, and protective drop sheets. The only thing we leave behind is the best roof coating and roof painting finish anywhere in Adelaide.

We strive to provide you with the best solution as per our quote and agreed job terms. However, if you still find any issues, we will be happy to assist you, and ensure that your roof looks the best it can. However, we suggest you to allow at least four weeks’ time after the job’s completion for the paint to settle, as spray lines and imperfections may occur during this period.