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Industrial painting
Industrial painting Viva painters

Top-notch Medium to Large-Scale Industrial Painting By Viva Painters

If you are someone who’s looking to:

  • Brand your equipment or facility with your brand colors.
  • Protect the surface of specialised equipment and machinery.
  • Increase the durability of your industrial equipment and machinery by preventing coercion and rusting.
  • Need Reliable and Safe Industrial Painting Services Western Adelaide.

We have the perfect solution for you: Industrial painting!

Industrial painting is crucial for maintaining the durability of machinery and specialised equipment. It adds a layer of protection to the infrastructure, machinery and tools helping increase their lifetime.

Viva Painters – Pioneers in Industrial Painting Western Adelaide

Viva Painters specialises in painting industrial infrastructure and equipment. With over 25 years of experience, we guarantee long-lasting results and high-quality paint finish.

Experts in epoxy painting, we are equipped with the latest tools and tech required to execute safely and deliver spectacular results on time. Say bye to never-ending project delays.

Our team of expert industrial painters take pride in their professional work and deliverables. We work efficiently to ensure the effective running of your industrial machinery and tools.

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Industrial Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Here’s What Makes Us the Best Industrial Painters in Western Adelaide

We have the leverage to claim that we are the “best industrial painters in Western Adelaide.” We can say that because of our vast experience serving the Western Adelaide area for over 25 years, we are one of the oldest names in industrial painting.

Our vast experience coupled with our top-notch quality of service places us at the top spot for industrial painters in Western Adelaide.

Still not convinced? Here’s a quick breakdown of a few factors that go into ensuring that we deliver a masterpiece to our clients:

Pro Technical Expertise

Once onboarded, rest assured because we have a team of expert painters who know their job well.

We have trained all our staff on the right technical expertise and training required to handle industrial painting projects of any scale.

The extensive training and years of experience under our belt make us stand out from the rest when it comes to industrial painting in Western Adelaide.

On top of that, we have the advanced technical expertise required to paint special facilities across multiple industries including construction and manufacturing.

Our work speaks for itself, so we maintain a great network of clients that keep coming back to us.

Equipped With High-tech Tools

Truth be told, industrial painting is not another simple painting job. It’s a complex job involving delicate machinery, tools and facilities. To execute a meticulous industrial painting job, it’s important to have the right equipment.

We own specialised equipment built for top-notch industrial painting. With the help of our tools, we ensure a balanced protective coating and smooth paint finish on industrial surfaces.

Our team is well-trained in the tools and equipment we use, which enhances the quality of our work.

Industrial painting in west Adelaide

Epoxy Painting Experts

Epoxy painting is perhaps one of the most in-demand services our industrial painting clients request from us.

This type of coating protects the flooring of your factory/industrial premises. It is the most cost-effective option if you want some added protection.

Viva Painters being the experts in epoxy painting, offers the much-needed durability and strength to your premises flooring.

We have over two decades of experience offering top-notch epoxy painting services. Once applied, you won’t need to redo your flooring paint again.

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Affordable and High-Quality Industrial Painting Done For You

A common misconception among many business owners is that industrial painting is too expensive. That’s far from the truth.

Viva Painters offers high-quality industrial painting services without breaking the bank. We use the best paints and equipment that protect your machinery and tools against coercion and damage. With the right techniques, we ensure to add a shield to your equipment and premises protecting it from common damages in an industrial setting.

We take pride in offering affordable and high-quality industrial painting for our clients. Have a query regarding your premises? Call us today and let’s figure out a plan for you!

Industrial Painting Services – Areas We Cover

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Processing Plants
  • Storage Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Power Generation
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Public Spaces (Aquatic centre, sports complex, universities)

Industrial Painting Western Adelaide – Hire The Experts

If your machinery and tools are facing rust and coercion, don’t replace them just yet! Before you do that, consider investing in industrial painting that will breathe life back into your tools and equipment.

Replacing rusting machinery isn’t an economical option. If the damage is not too severe, hire an expert industrial painter for protective industrial painting. Thank us later.

Industrial painting is not as expensive and protects your equipment from any future rusting or coercion.

What We Offer with Our Industrial Painting

Detailed Inspection

You can’t solve a problem unless you diagnose it properly. Before industrial painting execution, we inspect the surfaces and the tools in detail to identify all the possible areas that need attention. It allows us to familiarise ourselves with the problems and develop the appropriate solutions to fix them.

Rust and Coercion Protection

Upon inspection, we categorise the problems. If your tools and industrial facility face rust and coercion, we identify them and devise the right plan for the industrial painting project.

Some of our solutions include using metal primers like phosphoric acid and vinyl solutions that prevent your tools/machinery and facility from rusting in the future.

Then comes the Direct Metal paint (DTM). We often use this when there’s mild rusting as it works best. Another option is using a high gloss paint. It serves the same purpose. The difference is the way they are applied.

Abrasive Blasting

This is a sandblasting technique we use to peel off old paint. It is a superior paint removal technique and an important step in prepping a surface for re-painting. Through this technique, we can smooth out any rough bumps and edges easing the application of new paint.

Not many painters use this technique as it requires special equipment and technical expertise only used in industrial painting projects. But for our team of professional painters, this is a standard practice of paint peeling.

Sustainable Work Practices

We care for the environment and it is reflective in our work. We employ sustainable work practices for our industrial painting services and use non-volatile organic paints that are eco-friendly for all industrial painting projects.

Similarly, our work practices are also sustainable. For example, the abrasive blasting technique we use is considered safe for the environment. We take special care to ensure compliance with government regulations and respect our clients’ sentiments towards the environment.

Precision Work

For a good painting job, it’s important to have the right measurements to know the amount of paint required and estimate the time required to complete the project.

Performing engineering measurements is an important part of our detailed inspection. This helps us to provide our clients with accurate estimates for their large scal industrial painting projects. This step is crucial as it helps us maintain transparency with our clients. This is one way we save our clients money by spending on the required resources. Nothing more, nothing less.

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FAQs for Industrial Painting Western Adelaide

Any type of painting that is done to ensure a protective layering or coating on the surface of machinery, tools, equipment and flooring of industrial premises is considered as industrial painting. Industrial painting can also be used in an advertisement/branding context. In such cases, the primary purpose of the industrial painting is to brand industrial premises and equipment with the brand’s colors and logos.

Industrial painting is a complex task that involves specialised equipment and expert staff for the successful completion of the project. Industrial painting differs from traditional painting in many ways. A few factors include the scope of the project, number of staff required and specialised equipment required, etc.

Industrial painting has multiple purposes. The primary purpose of industrial painting is to protect industrial premises and machinery against rusting and coercion. Another purpose of industrial painting is to brand industrial premises and equipment in brand colors and logos.

Commercial painting is relevant to businesses. Industrial painting is relevant to manufacturing plants and factories with industrial equipment and machinery. Commercial painters are very much like regular painters that paint commercial spaces. Industrial painters have a unique skill set and technical expertise required to execute industrial painting projects in an industrial setting.

Epoxy paint is often the most suitable paint for industrial use. It offers a different levels of gloss finish and is durable. Viva Painters use multiple types of paints for industrial painting depending on the nature of the project.