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Why Choose Concrete Painting Western Adelaide

Concrete painting offers various benefits to a concrete surface. Mainly it stops spalling. it’s cracking and peeling of concrete surface caused when concrete sets, atmospheric gases and salts can seep in causing cracking and flaking on the concrete surface. As such, spalling is not only ugly, it also compromises the structural integrity of your surface. Viva Painters Western Adelaide’s concrete painting service offers a cost-effective way to stop spalling. High-quality paint and sealants applied by our trained and experienced concrete painters Western Adelaide prevent anything from getting into your concrete, and causing damage. 

Residential Concrete Painting

Old concrete floors can make your spaces, such as floors and driveways, look drab. However, a lick of paint can provide it with a refreshing look. It will also protect your concrete or paved areas from crumbling, abrasions, and premature wear and tear. One of the key reasons for residential concrete painting and commercial concrete resurfacing services is its porous nature. Left unprotected, it will absorb water, salts, oils, grease, and other substances, which will lead to its early deterioration. Moreover, if there is reinforcing steel within the concrete, it can lead to corrosion and failure. Concrete painting services will seal and protect your concrete from water ingress, and other harmful factors, and provide your surface durability and good looks. 

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Concrete Painters

Our step-by-step approach to concrete painting services in Western Adelaide:

  1. Before starting any concrete painting job, our trained and licensed concrete painters Western Adelaide crew will use a moisture-meter to test the moisture on the surface. 
  2. Old paint, if any, will be stripped off using an appropriate tool, like a scrapper and wire brush.  
  3. Cracks, gouges, and holes in your concrete will be filled by our concrete floor painting crew with an appropriate patching compound. This gives us an even surface to work with.  
  4. Your concrete will be cleaned to remove any oils, grease, and other contaminants with the help of an appropriate compound, such as trisodium phosphate (TSP).  
  5. The perimeter will be masked off to prevent the paint from getting on neighbourhood surfaces. 
  6. Thereafter, epoxy primer will be applied by our concrete painters Western Adelaide that creates a sturdy grip for the paint to adhere. 
  7. Painting around the edges of the concrete provides good coverage when working on corners, edges, and other tight areas in your residential or commercial. Masonry paint offers excellent resistance to weathering.  
  8. Our concrete painters will then roll on concrete paint over the rest of your concrete surface. Rougher surfaces will need more paint with long nap rollers by our concrete painting services, while smoother surfaces will need a lesser amount of paint for an even finish.  
  9. Next, our residential concrete painting/commercial painting resurfacing service will smoothen out any lumps and bumps on the surface.  
  10. Once the concrete surface is smooth and ready, a topcoat will be applied by our concrete painting Western Adelaide team to finalise the paint job, and any holes left after the first coat will be covered.  
  11. Finally, painter’s tape will be removed from the edges of your concrete, and you will have a professionally-looking concrete job from the experienced crew of Viva Painters Western Adelaide. 

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Concrete Painting Projects

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Concrete Painting Services

Unpainted concrete has low light reflectance, and looks unattractive. On the other hand, painted concrete greatly increases the reflectance value of the floor, and improves its visibility. Colours are used by commercial concrete resurfacing services for demarcation in factory floor areas. Yellow marks the safety zone, green identifies safety and first aid areas, while blue identifies protective clothing areas. Poorly cured painting generates and gathers dust over time, painting it will prevent the concrete from generating and accumulating its own dust. Dust can also damage expensive artwork, and blemish packaging, reducing their sale price.  

Concrete Floor Painting

You can elevate the style and value of your residential and commercial property in Western Adelaide with our trusted residential concrete floor painting and commercial concrete floor resurfacing services in Western Adelaide. Whether you are looking for reliable protection for your doorway, workshop, or even steps, Viva Painters Western Adelaide has got you covered with the most comprehensive and affordable protective concrete paint solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions to each client, after a thorough assessment of their concrete painting needs. A quote will be provided, and the job will commence after your approval of the quote and timing for the concrete painting job. 

Our range of residential and commercial concrete resurfacing services include: 

  • Waterproofing 
  • Caulking 
  • Sub-level water ingress 
  • Protective coating 
  • Honeycomb repairs  
  • General patching  

Concrete Painters Adelaide

Natural shifting of the earth, changes in season, tree roots, and other factors can cause your concrete to crack, chip, or fade. It is also susceptible to dramatic changes in temperature and numerous cycles of freezing and thawing, that can cause it to expand and retract, resulting in cracks. Painting by experienced concrete painters Western Adelaide will improve your concrete’s ability to resist weathering, and prevent any moisture absorption. It will also cover any defects in your floor, such as uneven cutting, cracks, honey-combing, holes, and discolouration. Our extensive choices in concrete colour paints means you will have the perfect choice to meet the aesthetics of your home or commercial property. Concrete painting also helps prevent the natural process from occurring, by protecting concrete’s naturally high alkalinity. We offer a wide range of concrete painting solutions for all types of concrete surfaces, such as exposed aggregate, plain and coloured concrete, patterned concrete, and pavers.  

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Services

If you run a commercial establishment in Western Adelaide, our commercial concrete resurfacing services will provide an improved look to your establishment, and create a good image of your business. Moreover, painted concrete also boosts the confidence of the workforce. Our residential concrete painting services will help improve the appeal and pricing of your house, especially if you are looking to sell it. Your painted concrete will also give a sense of cleanliness and roominess, as it reflects light. 

FAQs Concrete Painters Western Adelaide

Your concrete surface is exposed to elements at all times, and as such, experiences more wear and tear. The final appearance of concrete is often not what the architects have expected, as imperfections may arise in concrete, that may result in bowholes, honey-combing, and on-site damages. Your concrete surface may also have stains, streaks, and marks from curing compounds. Concrete paint is much thicker than a sealer, and adheres to the top concrete surface, thus covering all imperfections, and giving it a cleaner look for lasting durability.

We understand that your time is precious, that’s why our concrete painting services provide you with time-efficient, and mess-free solutions for all your needs related to concrete floor painting, residential concrete painting, and commercial concrete resurfacing services. We not only use the best quality products that are competitively priced, but also provide you with free and fast quote, and maintain a clean environment all through our operations.

As long as your concrete is clean and pepped correctly, our concrete painting services and commercial concrete resurfacing services can paint directly onto the exterior surfaces, such as garage floors, and concrete patios, and kitchen counters. Moreover, the concrete should be free from moisture, or existing sealers, that could prevent the paint from sticking.

Our concrete painters Western Adelaide use the best quality products, and mix them in the right proportions to ensure high stickiness. The surface is also etched with a concrete primer to help the paint stick. For areas that are susceptible to wear and tear, our commercial concrete resurfacing services and concrete floor painting Adelaide services use epoxy primer as it is more durable, and easily absorbed by concrete surface.

Though concrete coating is usually applied in interior spaces, however it can be used in external applications as well with the right approach. Just make sure that the right type of coating is chosen. Low-quality epoxy coating will peel and fade, and may fall in hot climates. You won’t have to deal with stains from dirt, oil, grease, and chemicals, when your concrete has high-quality protective coating on it.

Your concrete will be good enough to use 24 hours after the final coat is applied for light foot traffic. However, concrete floor painting applied in vehicular areas and driveways needs to be given at least a week’s time before driving or parking on the coating. For new concrete, ensure that you have a waiting period of 12 weeks for oil-based concrete painting Western Adelaide, and 4 weeks for water-based paint.