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Get Your Fence Painted By Top Rated Fence Painters in Western Adelaide

A fence is the part of the house that your guests and visitors notice first. Remember the saying, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression?” Fence painting is the final touch that seals the perfect look of your house.

If you are someone who wants to:

  • Revamp and re-paint the fence
  • Improve the outdoor ambiance of the house
  • Change and customise the fence colours

Then a fence painting is all you need. And there’s no one better than Viva Painters to do the job for you!

Professional Fence Painting With Viva Painters

We provide professional fence painting services. Our team keeps a keen eye on detail and ensures that your fence gets that premium look you desire.

We realise the importance of having a good-looking fence, especially if you are in Western Adelaide. We help you enhance the viewpoint of your home and make it look inviting.

Having been in business for over 10 years, we have built a trusted customer network. Our vast experience in the industry makes us stand out among others because we take the word of our customers as is.

We value your time, input, and budget and provide a final product you approve. Viva Painters makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Fence Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

Free Quotes

Qualified Painters

5Yrs Warranty

Why Hire a Professional Painter to Paint Your Fence

As tempting as it might sound to do an artsy DIY at home to paint your fence, you should always involve a professional painter. Just like any expert, fence painters also know the do’s and don’ts of their job and can produce a finish that DIY projects just can’t match.

Here is what Viva Painters in Western Adelaide offers:

Expert Craftsmanship

Our expert craftsmen employ skilled techniques that stand the test of time. They do so while doing a smooth job at fence painting, with no paint bleeding, bumps, or orange peel textures. Our fine work improves the life and look of your fence.

Eye to Detail

When it comes to painting fences, having an eye for detail is crucial. At Viva Painters Western Adelaide, we make sure that there is no nook and corner left unpainted especially when coarse surfaces are involved.

Our trained experts have a deep understanding of painting techniques, tools, finishes, and coating, which weighs in your favour.

Graceful Final Product

Since you get the best of the best professional fence painters in Western Adelaide, the final product not only looks graceful but also adds a luxurious look to your house. We have a reputation to hold, and we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

Fast and Flawless

Our expert fence painters in Western Adelaide are both fast and flawless. With the changing weather, it is important to have the fence painted as soon as possible to get adequate time to dry. Viva Painter provides fast services while warranting flawless application.

Viva Painters in West Adelaide

Best Value For Money

Viva Painters offers best value for money. Our deep industry knowledge combined with expert skills allow for a smooth experience for all of our clients. We can guarantee that you will not need a repainting of fence painting anytime soon.

Top Rated Local Painters Western Adelaide

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Create a Timeless Backdrop by Repainting Your Fence

Find Out Which Painting Technique Works Best With Your Fence

Different fencing materials require different painting techniques. It is crucial to have an expert opinion otherwise, you can easily ruin the outlook of your fence.

Here’s what you should keep in mind for different types of fence painting in Western Adelaide:

Wood or Timber Fence

Choose a paint that not only offers a decorative finish but also provides protection against weathering, ageing, drying out, or greying out of the fence.

Picket Fence

Start by sanding the picket fence and prepping it. Then, add at least two coats of paint, ensuring each coat gets enough time to

Concrete Fence or Wall

For concrete fence or wall, begin by covering the fence in primer. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then, apply at least three coats of paint.

Steel Fence

For steel fence painting we start with removing the old paint. Sand the fence well and de-grease as well. Then, apply a coat of primer. Let it dry, and then apply various coats of paint.

Aluminium Fence

We sand aluminium fence, apply multiple coats of the self-etching primer. After letting it dry, apply several coats of paint. Then, to finish off, add enamel sealer.

What Our Fence Painting Guarantees

The experts from Viva Painters are trained to work with various fences. We help you achieve the look you want to have for your fence.

We know having a fence painted increases your house’s economic value. It gives your house a luxurious, neat look that is visually appealing to the visitors. That’s why it’s crucial to involve professionals to paint your fence.

Viva Painters is the best in Western Adelaide. We cater to your needs and demands professionally and give the outlook that you want.

For us, customer satisfaction comes at the top. View Our Last Projects to know what our previous customers have to say.

The Painting Techniques We Use for Fence Painting

The big question is: To paint or to stain?

It is common to have this question while painting your fence. Obviously, we look at which one is easier to apply, but what matters the most is which is better in durability and finishing.

Let’s have a look at which is better: paint or stain.

Durability– Lasts longer  
– Does not require re-paint very often
– Less durable  
– Requires reapplication every year and more frequently in cold weather
ApplicationNeeds to follow multiple steps to get a good finish. like adding primer, sanding, degreasing, and so onHas fewer steps to follow and is easy to apply
Finishing– Sits on top of the paint as a layer
– A completely new colour
Absorbs in the wood     Subtle colour change
ProsCustomisable designs Diversity of colour choicesEnhances the grain of the wood    
Cons– Peels over time  
– Makes the fence look less natural
Dulls out over time   Requires fresh coat every 12 months
CostEconomical and Cost-effectivePremium and expensive

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FAQs for Fence Painting Western Adelaide

Spray painting is the best solution. It ensures 100% coverage and even finish.

It will cause the paint to peel off quickly after drying. Since aluminium and steel have smooth, shiny surfaces, it is hard to stick the paint. Without primer and/or sanding, the paint will not last longer.

It depends on the type of paint used in fence painting. We use environmentally friendly paints with no volatile organic compounds. Moreover, we use high-quality paint that ensures good application.

Depending on what type of fence you have, it can take a maximum of 3 days. Wood fences take less than that. But other types of fences, like aluminium, steel, picket, etc, take longer because of the increased number of steps involved for better finishing.

Absolutely! We are a legally registered and licensed company and follow all the Australian Standards for Painting. Our team is trained to keep their practices compliant with legal standards and follow environment-friendly practices.

Certainly yes. Our teams specialise in all types of painting. With the help of our professional experts, we deliver high-quality services.

It depends on the type of fence. Some require a great deal of preparation regarding sanding, primer, number of paint coats, and so on. You have to make sure that you are following all the steps that are necessary for your fence.