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Door,Windows and frames painting in west adelaide
Door,Windows and frames painting west adelaide

Why Choose Viva Painters For Doors, Windows and Frames Painting

Are you looking to change the outlook of your home by adding a touch of elegance? Or perhaps you want an upgrade to increase your property’s value? What if we tell you it’s possible without costing you an arm and a leg? Absolutely! Getting your doors, windows and frames painted is the most affordable way to refine the overall look of your house.

Plus, because door and window painting are smaller in scope than whole house painting, it’s a smarter way to add colour to your home.

Door, Window and Frames Painting Is Cheaper Than You Think!

The drill is simple. If you want a nice upgrade to your home but also want to save some cash, get your doors and windows painted. Door, window and frame painting does not involve the large-project hassle, but it does require expertise. Knowing what paints to use, the number of coats to apply, and, most importantly, how to seal the paint with the right finish.

At Viva Painters, we take pride in being the best door, window and frame painters in Western Adelaide! Our team of professional painters is trained in all types of painting, including door and window painting. On top of that, we offer FREE consultation calls to address any/all questions you may have before beginning a project with us.

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Western Adelaide’s Choice of Doors, Windows and Frames Painters.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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5Yrs Warranty

Viva Painter’s Door, Window and Frames Painting Services: Surfaces We Cover

Viva Painters Western Adelaide provides exceptional painting services for all doors, windows and frames. Here are some examples to look at:

Front Doors

Get a personalised and customised painting service for your front door.

Garage Doors

Pick from the top selection of rust and corrosion protection paints.

Room Doors

Opt for the best range of colours to match the interior of your house.

Window Frames

Select contrasting colours that work well with the interior of your windows.

Reflective Window Screens

Choose from various finishes that make the window screens reflective for privacy.

Door,Windows and frames painting by viva painters

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Thinking Of Repainting Your Doors, Windows and Frames? Hire Viva Painters

With so many variations in doors, windows and frames, painting each type requires separate expertise and a unique skill set.

At Viva Painters Western Adelaide, we train our professional painters to cater to each type of door, window and frame surface. Our team knows exactly what paint will work for your garage door and what will work for your room’s window.

We take care of the small details and nuances, which allows us to turn our customer’s vision to reality. Having served thousands of customers over the last 25 years in the Western Adelaide area, we are humbled to know that our customers value us for our unmatched services.

Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we offer FREE consultation calls and quotes. In the consultation, our expert customer service reps ensure you get your burning questions answered.

Big Question: What Paint To Use For Door and Window Painting?

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in our consultation calls: What type of paint is best for window and door painting?

We would love to address it for good. Usually, Enamel Paint is used for Door, Window and Frame painting projects because it is durable and long-lasting. However, enamel paint has further types that are designed for specific surfaces. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Paint Types


A type of enamel paint. It’s water-based and dries out quickly. Results in a glossy finish after application. Protects against paint chipping off or peeling off. Easiest enamel paint to use. Dries within 30 minutes upon application.

Super Enamel

As opposed to aquanamel, super enamel is an oil-based enamel paint. Perfect for interior house painting projects. Protects the surface in high traffic areas and slows down wear and tear of doors and windows.

Our Quality Assurance Checklist for Window and Door Painting

For those who value quality and precision work, it’s important to understand that rigorous quality assurance practices and top-notch door and window painting services go in tandem. We at Viva Painters understand this very well. Here’s an overview of our 3-step quality assurance checklist:

Window and Door Painting Process


Prepping is the best way to ensure the longevity of door, window and frame paint. The first step to ensure a smooth paint finish is to prep the area. It includes properly removing previous paint, scraping off any remaining paint and sanding.

This is a crucial step when painting tricky surfaces like doors and windows as this step lays a good foundation for paint application and increases the durability of the paint.


After prepping, it is important to clean the dirt and any rough bumps or edges on the surface. Missing this step could affect the paint application and may result in an ugly outlook.

Our team of professional painters takes extra care in cleaning the doors and windows. This boosts our painting quality and final finish setting us apart from the competition.


Then comes the final step. Even at this step, we take extra caution to ensure premium quality of service.

We do that by applying primer before we paint, applying multiple coats of paint and a coating of paint protection to top it off.

While these steps may appear small, they are the ones that differentiate a spectacular painting job from an average one.

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FAQs for Door, Window and Frame Painting Western Adelaide

Enamel paint dries quickly. It usually requires 30 minutes to dry completely. But if you are applying more than one coat, it is wise to give it at least an hour to dry. Upon drying properly, enamel paint not only provides a smooth finish but also enhances the paint’s durability.

Although it might seem a quick and easy solution, In old houses we advise against painting your doors and windows using spray paint unless you have prior painting experience. Spray painting has different protocols that must be followed, like covering the surrounding surfaces adequately, protecting the glass on windows, having a highly controlled environment, etc. Because spray painting projects can bring in a lot of hassle for the residents, we prefer using liquid paint for all door and window painting projects.

Viva Painters offers a variety of painting services that range from residential painting (doors, windows, house, wall, kitchen, cabinets, etc.,) industrial painting (equipment and tool painting) and commercial painting (tall buildings, apartment homes, workspaces, etc.) For each of our services, we have trained staff and specialised equipment to bring out the best result for our clients.

The best way to decide whether your doors, windows and frames need repainting is by examining them closely. If you see the paint is peeling off or the surface of the doors, windows and frame has worn out, it’s a major sign that the surface needs repainting. Another way is by estimating the time the paint has been on. We recommend a maximum time period of 5-7 years before you should repaint your doors and windows to maintain a nice outlook of your house.

It depends on the type of paint used in door, window and frame painting. We use environmentally friendly paints that are free from volatile organic compounds. So it all depends on your choice. If you would like us to use environmentally friendly paints for your doors and windows, we will.

Absolutely! We are a legally registered and licensed company and follow all the Australian standards for Painting. Our team is trained to comply with legal standards and follow environment-friendly practices.