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Painting Height Access Technologies

To ensure the safe execution of the project, we use a variety of tools. Here’s a list of some of the top equipment that we use to ease access:

Comprehensive Painting Access Solutions for Every Project

Viva Painter relies incredibly on its access solutions. We cater to all types of projects, which include commercial, industrial, residential, and so on. We sometimes have to work on large industrial buildings or tall apartment buildings.

To ensure strength and expertise, we provide a great variety of access solutions. We make our tools and our access our strength. It allows us to be flexible and work on high-demand projects without issues.

Access Solutions & Consistent Services, No Matter The Scale of Project

Our trained professionals are expert at not only providing unmatched painting services in Western Adelaide but also using different tools, equipment and machinery that aids the application of the paint.

Viva Painters Western Adelaide offers reliable and trustworthy services for any scale project, be it a large-scale, industrial, or commercial project or a small-scale residential or house project.

We are always ready to take a step further to enhance the experience of our clients. Therefore, we keep our access solutions up to date.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Viva Painters offers reliable services rich in safety and quality assurance. We cater to the demands of our customers and keep up with their ever-changing needs.

Viva Painters also tailor innovative solutions for complex projects with the help of our qualified team. With the help of our advanced access solutions and engineering equipment, we offer flexible, cost-effective, and scalable services. Viva Painters takes pride in being the first to take on specific demands from our clients and work efficiently on various concept designs.

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Boom Lift

For buildings that are higher for even scaffolding, we use boom lifts. This advanced machine allows us to work smoothly on big industrial and commercial projects. It allows painters to have complete access to all outdoor spaces. It can reach up to 40 meters height. Since boom lifts move both horizontally and vertically, it is the best equipment to have on the access solution list.

Scissors Lift

As opposed to boom lift, scissors lift only moves up and down. Another distinguishing factor of a scissors lift is its use primarily for interior work. It can reach up to 10 to 30 meters. Therefore, it is built for use inside the industrial and construction areas. Scissors lifts can replace the need of scaffolding in some projects, which can cut the cost of access hire in half or more


For larger-scale projects, we have experts who build scaffolding for access to higher areas. Scaffolding provides better access to outer walls, windows, and exterior areas that are otherwise hard to reach.
Scaffolding offers a study platform to work on and involves less risk for the painters. this method access is used for exterior jobs where a lot of surfaces needs painting.

Safety Harness

Our staff are trained and experienced in deploying and using safety harness efficiently and effectively when working at great heights e.g. roof and double stories. Safety Harness allows our staff to feel safe and focus on their work on great heights while being safe. Fall injuries are the highest among the painters. Painting always requires working at height greater then our reach.

Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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Licenced Painters Western Adelaide

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5Yrs Warranty

Painting Tools/Technologies

Diamond Grinder

Our Diamond grinders are state of the art, faster, smarter and efficient which  translates into successful project preparation and completion.  Diamond grinders are the secret tools for all epoxy flooring.

Commercial Pressure Wash

Viva Painters has a top-quality commercial pressure washer that can clean any surface. It is great to use for cleaning surfaces for industrial or commercial painting. It helps clean out any mold or algae on the surface area. We use commercial pressure washing to remove oil and grease, which aids us in sanding the surface properly.

High Tech Sprayers

When it comes to paint sprayer, Viva Painters only deploys the beasts of paint spray machines. Our machines are capable of spraying acrylic and oil based paint at high pressure and air less. We have spray machine suitable for any job.

Pole Sand Machines

We do not compromise on the quality of our painting, even if it involves a large-scale project. To ensure a smooth painting job, we use the sanding machine. It can be used on all surfaces, including wood, plastic, or metal.

Sand Machine

The three main types of sand machines we use are disk sander, belt sander, and orbital sander. All three of these help us smooth out uneven and rough surfaces.

Color Detectors

We use smart technologies like digital color detectors, which can detect colors ultimately from any surface. Whether you want to color match your old walls or color match you favorite curtains we can do it all. It is just another gadget among other 100 smart tools we use.

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In-Depth Painting Industry Knowledge

Based on our in-depth painting industry knowledge, we take steps that ensure the high quality of our painting. We use our resources and tools to bring you the necessary solutions.

Apart from the apparent painting services listed on our website, we also cover the following:

Roof Restoration and Painting

Roof restoration is an economical solution compared to roof replacement. The difference between the longevity of the roof replacement and restoration is roughly five years.

We offer roof restoration services at an affordable rate, along with roof painting jobs. You can package both of these together and get them done at a much cheaper

Strata Painting

Our team is experienced in strata painting as well, which is more complex than any other form of painting. It involves removing and preventing graffiti painting or other stains.

Detailed cleaning of the surface and multiple coatings are important steps of the process. It is very time-consuming but serves as the best way to keep the outer walls of an industry or business clean. It provides the long-term value of money.

Colorbond Roof Painting

It is a specialised paint designed for metal roofs. The paint used for colour bond roof painting is water-based acrylic paint. Painting a colour-bond roof requires professional and technical knowledge.

Our professional painters are experts in various types of colour-bonds and how to deal with them.

We ensure that your colour-bond roof remains long-lasting with the help of our techniques of re-painting.


Viva Painters Western Adelaide is a licensed and accredited company. We have been in business for over 25 years.

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FAQs For Painting Access and Tools

It depends on the type of painting you want to get. For any residential painting, it is important to have gloves, paint brushes, rollers, and so on. But for an industrial or commercial level project, the tools must be advanced. We have provided a list of equipment above that can be used for large-scale projects. You can have a look at them for detailed guidance.

Yes. Since the needs of both exterior and interior surfaces are different, the type of paint used for both is also different. The tools and equipment vary depending on the paint type. For instance, for strata painting, the tool requirement will be completely different compared to wall painting.

Cleaning is the first step in maintaining the paint equipment and tools. For brushes, you should wash them immediately after using them because otherwise, the paint will dry, and the brush will no longer be useful. Similarly, for other tools like rollers, it is necessary to properly clean and wash them before storing them.

For industrial and commercial level projects, it is an absolute necessity. Having high-tech tools and access solutions makes the work efficient. With the help of such tools, one can finish more work in less time.

Each tool is designed for a specific need. Using equipment like a boom lift and scissors lift helps with accessing the higher areas in taller buildings while making sure that the painter is safe. This way, various equipment and tools enhance the access solutions for painting.

We keep our machinery, tools, and types of equipment up to date. We ensure the up-keeping of our tools after each painting job. They are fine-tuned and ready to be used at any moment. Apart from this, we ensure the safety of our painters by equipping them with safety suits, helmets, and belts.

There can be many depending on the type of painting job. However, the most common safety hazard might be working on heights. A simple foot slip can be fatal. Therefore, we ensure our team is equipped with safety gear for protection.