How Long It Takes To Paint a House With Four Bedrooms?

Paint a House With Four Bedrooms

Knowing how long it takes to paint a four bedroom house can make your house painting journey smooth. This knowledge will help estimate your waiting time and could also be useful in planning your schedule during the period of the painting.

Hiring expert painters with many years of experience and the right qualifications will ensure that they estimate the job accurately and timely. Such painters are readily available in Adelaide and enjoy reputable recognition both online and offline.

Painting a house involves more than just the application of paints. You will be surprised to know that the splashing paint over wall part is the easiest part of the job. You will need to factor in all other processes such as preparation, weather and access availability before you can estimate the ETA of the beauty you desire for your home. Using a four-bedroom house as a case study, let’s take a look at how long it will take to paint.

How Long Will It Take to Paint a Four-Bedroom House?

Painting a house with four bedrooms is a full-on painting project. Exceptional and knowledgeable painters will complete the interior of a four-bedroom project in 1 to 2 weeks, and relatively use the same time to achieve the exterior. Nevertheless, the final duration depends on what is done at individual steps in the painting process.

Key Steps in the House Painting Process

1. House Inspection

Professional painting services ensure that they evaluate what they are working with before they decide on anything. They inspect your house and property thoroughly to come to an accurate estimation of labour and materials to be used to complete the job. This inspection could be a part of the quote, however, Viva Painters offers a free inspection service for Adelaide residents before drawing up your quotation.

2. Preparation to Paint

Once the inspection is completed and you approve your quote, the real work begins. Preparation is the first and longest phase of the house painting process. The first few days on the job are spent covering furniture, sand-filling holes and cracks, masking boundaries, and many more. These steps are essential to a successful project completion.

3. Painting the Rooms

A perfect painting can be accomplished on time when preparation is done to perfection. The timeline depends on factors such as; The size of the house, the number of coats needed, the drying time between coats, the temperature both in and outside the house, and the level of experience of the painters.

4. Clean-Up

The final step in clean up. It is not a pleasant sight to walk into your freshly painted house but full of dust, dirt, and rubbish. It is also very unprofessional if painters cause stains on other parts of the house. This is why Viva Painters prioritizes the cleaning as much as the painting itself. You should walk into the house meeting a clean environment and no paint where it shouldn’t be. This step doesn’t take as long if the preparations are done well.

Painters With Speed and Prowess

Viva painters offer a broad range of services, including house painting. The painting of your four-bedroom house will be completed within a week or two. Hiring them also guarantees that each step will be done accordingly and with the same level of attention.

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