Project Background

roof restoration inspection

Viva Painters worked closely with Alejandro (Pseudo name) to prepare and present his property to its best potential for sale. Roof painting services is always a must do before sale of a property.

Alejandro was smart, he knew small cosmetic investment would make him a big return. As they say seeing is believing. A new roof means a new house. On the top it was early 2022 and properties were selling 20-30% above the market price due the low interest rate.

Our Approach


Upon inspection the roof was in a terrible condition. There were broken tiles, broken bedding and pointings. The roof was covered in layers of lichen, mould, and dirt. The whole roof was checked and all needed work was planned.


First the broken tiles were replaced. The next step was to clean the layers of lichen, mould and bird faeces. To tackle this issue, we pressure washed the roof in two stages. First stage was to pressure wash the roof with special chemical to breakdown and loosen up the dirt substance. The second stage was high pressure wash cleaning to clean away all dirt and spot wash.

Now the roof was clean and ready painting but wait. We need to address the repointing and re-bedding of all ridge tiles.  Our specialist roof repairer did the job in no time.

roof painting


Finally, it is the fun part, painting. Painting usually counts for 30% of the job. The other 70% of the job is preparation. First, we spray the whole roof the white stuff (Dulux Acratex Primer) then we sprayed the roof with the Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane Gloss. It was looking amazing.


The whole process was challenging yet fun. The end results were extremely satisfying and successful.  Of course, Alejandro was very impressed. The sales went ahead 2 weeks later and it was sold at auction. Alejandro’s agent reckons the property uplift could have benefited him as much as $20,000 in sales of the house.